1. About Us

What is GPS Limited
GPIS is an acronym which stands for Grannum's Polygraph Investigation Service Limited



Assisting corporations, Government Entities and individuals in fact-finding missions to include;

  • Performing Surveillance
  • Conducting background checks
  • Investigating cold cases which Law Enforcement Agencies may have stopped pursuing
  • Locate participants, document alleged crime scenes
  • Investigating Cases of Business Fraud
  • Investigating Cases of Insurance Fraud
  • Investigating Cases of stolen merchandise
  • Location of individuals for a multiple of reasons which are not in contravention of any laws
  • Workplace investigations which includes internal theft and security breaches
  • Difficult process service where an individual to be served court papers has bee evading normal service
  • Conduct Polygraph screening for companies
  • Occasional surveillance of suspected cheating spouses and domestic partners but only in instances where there is no history whatsoever of violence or threats between the two parties


GPIS Ltd is an investigative company that focuses on Pre- employment background checks. We also deal with infidelity investigations, Surveillance, Personal protection and Bailiff Services.

When you look at the acronym GPIS; see a “reliable” analysis of simple facts!

GPIS is the answer for validating today’s business decisions. Many companies have

discovered how difficult it is to complete an interview without the proper information on a person’s background.

We offer you another option…..’Concise and reliable.’ Work through us, we will take the hassle out of your decisions.

Don’t have a brainstorming meeting to decide if a person is suitable for your business or organization, benefit from incorporating GPIS into your discussion.

GPIS will put the information into logical order and this will help you understand the integrity of the people in which you are interested.

We assure you, you can make your decision based on the results of GPIS. We have your check and balances in place.

When you think employment & Personal Integrity think  GPIS Limited, a name you can trust.



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